Friday, July 20, 2012

Cole turns 11!

My oldest boy turned 11!
Every year I say this, but I really can't believe how fast time flys!
Next year he'll be 12 and in young men's and that is just crazy!

This year is family party year and Cole knew just what he wanted to do right down to the cake.
His request was:
Yellow cake with pink frosting...Yes Pink:)
I had to put on blue, because I ran out of pink.
He wanted it covered with candy and he wanted specific candy for each of his letters.
He was very happy with how it turned out.

Sedona for the 4th of July

We wanted to get away for the 4th of July so we headed to Sedona.
We were trying to go to Slide Rock, but they had closed it.  We spoke with a ranger and he told us about another place we could hike down to Oak Creek.
It was such a fun little surprise, we spent a great afternoon together!

We spent the night before in Prescott, AZ and then took the scenic route to Sedona.  On our drive we passed through Jerome, Arizona.
I wished we would have had time to stop, it looked like a unique little old mining town. 

Lake Powell 2012

We had the best weather and water in the month of June ever!
It made for a super fun trip. 
The only thing missing was Kevin, hopefully some day he will join us again. 
School keeps he pretty busy!

Ashton just loved being with his Grandpa...
by far his favorite thing to do was go for rides in Grandpa little boat.

"Us girls need to stick together"
Izzy and her cousin Maddie swimming. 

Ethan learning how to wake board!  This Auntie Sallie was such a great teacher. 
Both Ethan and Cole got up this trip.  Staying up will have to wait until next year:)

Tanoai just had to try as well!!  His little almost 3 year old has no fear!

Cole riding the knee was a new fun toy all the older kids loved.
Cole also tried to slalom, I was so proud!!

Ashton was eating an orange and was super cute. 

Sand sculpture building.
We had it all this year except the sunburns!
The parents rocked the sunscreen!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Isabel turned 5

Isabel turned 5 at the end of our spring break trip. Her birthday was on the day we were to go home.  So we surprised her with a surprise party that morning.

I got up early and went over to grab some donuts, fruit, and a few other things.  We all waited in my moms kitchen to say surprise when she came down stairs.

She loved her donut cake and now wants everyone to have one for their birthday.

Not so awake yet, but very happy!

We finished her party at home with Kevin. 
He had some more presents for her when we got home.

Izzy is very happy to be 5!

Spring break in St. George

I took the kids to St. George for their spring break. It was fun to get away and spend time with family.  Izzy and especially Ashton hung out with the horses as much as they could.

Snow Canyon

One of the days my sisters and I took the kids to Snow Canyon for a picnic and hike.
It was a beautiful spring day and we all had a ton of fun. 

Andresen's Visit

Back in March my sister Sallie and her family came down to visit.  We had a lot of fun with them.  We went to the Zoo, shopped, picked lots of lemons, and went to a baseball game.
Spring is a great time to have visitors and we enjoyed having their family come down!

At Midwestern picking lemons.

Baseball game:
It was cold and windy, but we still have fun.
We almost made it to the end, but the little ones were getting tired.

Mama and Papa J Visit

In January my parents stopped by to hang out.  We love when they can come down and see us. 
We just hung out visited and took the kids to the park.

Played a little ball

Climbed a few trees!

Ashton loves his Grandpa J

Ashton turned 3

Back in February Ashton turned 3.  It is our family party year and we had a great one.
Each kid was in charge a game and they made it tons of fun!

Birthday Breakfast

The cake!

Kevin and Ethan made pin the #95 on Lightning McQueen.
It turned out so cute and Ashton Loved it!

Cole made a treasure hunt and Izzy was in charge of Duck Duck Goose.

Ashton loved his gifts and loved all the attention:)