Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wolf Trap Date Night

Back to the Future with the NSO

The National Symphony Orchestra was playing the the soundtrack to the movie Back to the Future.  It was such a fun experience.  I love outdoor concert venues and Wolf Trap is pretty fantastic!
Fun time spent together!

Kevin in front of the Delorean.

Wolf Trap has a really fun lawn seating area.  I really wanted to try that out, but it was sold out.  That ended up being lucky for us, because a rain storm came through during the concert.  Our seats in the covered area were perfect! 

~ June 19, 2015 ~

A little Me Time...

The last day before the kids would be out for summer vacation I decided to take a little me time.   I knew that is was my last chance and I needed to get away from all the stress that the move was producing.
I started with a my last session at the temple.

It was a fantastic start to the day.
I have really come to love this unique temple and I will truly miss going.

Remember "Meet the Mormons"? 
Well to make my experience a little more memorable the name that I took through was submitted by the wife of the Naval Academy head football coach.

After having the lunch I packed and changing into my biking gear I hit the Rock Creek Bike trail.

I have really wanted to bike this scenic trail from the first time I saw it back in the fall. 
I loved every bit of the 8.6 miles! 

I forgot one little shoes!  Oops:)
Bike on!

I love to see the temple peeking through the beautiful trees.

My last stop was to Georgetown.
It is one of my favorite places to go in DC.

Walking the brick sidewalks and looking at the beautiful homes 
that line the streets of this historic city are way too much fun for me.

~ June 18, 2015 ~

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spring critters

Eastern Box Turtles

There was a spring in the step of this little guy in hot pursuit of his girl when I first saw this pair of turtles on May 11th.  They were the first turtles we saw visiting our yard this spring.  We have had many more sightings of turtles as we eat breakfast before the kids head off to school.

Here are the kids holding the one we saw on June 7th.
They are so cute!  

~ May & June 2015 ~


On the Saturday before Memorial Day we took trip up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spring day for a drive through the Virginia and Pennsylvania countryside. The small towns and farms that line the highways and scenic byways on the East coast have the most character and are so fun to drive through.

Gettysburg is a battle we all remember learning about in grade school, but until we visited this historical site, I never quite grasped the magnitude of what really happened here.  
An educational experience I hope we will never forget.

We started off at the visitor center to watch the movie and go through the museum.  After we got a feel of the battle that took place we hopped in the van and started our auto tour.  It lead us through the battles that happened over the 3 days.

11th Pennsylvania monument

Sallie, the dog that served with the 11th Pennsylvania.  She was there mascot and after the battle on Oak Ridge she stayed guarding the dead and wounded.   

~ May 30, 2015 ~

Gunston Hall

Our last day all together we decided to go and see Gunston Hall, the home of George Mason.

George Mason was the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and, along with James Madison, the Father of the Unites States Bill of Rights.

Gunston Hall in 2010

The Kitchen

The Laundry

The School House

The room above the school house for the teacher

The Perfect Mother's Day

I'm not a mom that needs to lay around, be showered with gifts, and be served.  What makes me most happy on Mother's Day is to take care of my family and get a few extra loves and kisses by my sweet little kids.  This year was busier then ever taking care of my family, my sisters and their kids, and my parents for a week.  To finish off the week on Mother's Day surrounded by everyone I love more then anything in the whole world....
Well that makes for one of the best mother's days I could ever hope for.  

~ May 10, 2015 ~