Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2nd Week of June...Southern Utah

Isabel, Ashton, and I arrived in Utah late Saturday night.  It felt good to be in a home with furniture!!!

 Knowing that after I landed on the east coast, I most likely wont be coming home at least for a year my dad and I jump on the horses for a ride.  It was a perfect morning, cool and relaxing!  It was great to spend the time away with my father doing what we both love and the views...
never disappoint!

Okay...so...the horses don't know how to look at the red blinking light;)  Oh well, still a fun picture!

Morning of fun, leading up to the evening we had to say goodbye to our sweet kitty, Max.

It was a weight that I had been dealing with for months!  How do you say goodbye to quite undoubtedly the sweetest cat that we may ever own...heck that ever will be!   He had been suffering from Kidney failure and slowly losing weight.  He would never had made it through the stress of a cross country move. We knew that the kindest thing we could do for him is put him down.  He name was Max, but we would often joke that it should have been Romeo, he was so loving and social. Max and our dog Bayja were our first babies, they have a special place in our hearts and are missed everyday.

Lake Powell 2014

A week at my most favorite place on earth is good for the soul!

Leaving our home in Arizona...

The last week of May was a big one for us!

The movers came to pack up our stuff and leave me with an empty house.

After the movers left we welcomed family to help celebrate Kevin's graduation!
We had a lot of family from both sides that were able to come and show their support for our family's accomplishment...it was great and we felt loved!

We did it!!!

Kevin was able to be hooded by my father.

First week of June

After all the excitement of graduation we had a week still to stay in Arizona. The reason?... Kevin and Cole left for a week at scout camp and Ethan had scout day camp. 
So the rest of us camped out in our house that week.
It was a long week, but we kept busy making toys out of almost nothing. I was really amazed at what the kids came up with using their imaginations and the few things we still had around the house.

This soda box became a truck. The pieces that came off of it were made into a car and a pair of ski's:)  This girl came make fun out of just about anything!    

We took a day to go to the Phoenix Children's museum.

 We cooled off at the Foothills Rec Center.

The day we left Arizona I had to snap a picture of this sign...

Every time we passed it these past 4 years, I would chuckle.  
The burrows and a great many other things I will miss about living in Arizona! Great friends that we made while living there, the citrus trees, and the beautiful cactus blooms! 
I love the beauty of the Sonoran Desert!