Thursday, February 12, 2015

January Snow Days

Snow Day #1

First Snow Day for these three and they were in heaven!
Cole had snow days in Colorado, but these guys were too little when we lived there and weren't in school to have snow days.  They were so excited!
Cole missed it. The snow didn't really get started until right before he left for the bus.  After he went to school the snow just got worse.  He was on his bus for over an hour trying to make it there safely.  After a few of the elementary school buses were slipping and sliding around they cancelled the elementary school for the day.
Needless to say Cole wasn't too happy they got to stay home and he had to go in.

They ate and played around in the white powder all day.

~ January 6, 2015 ~

Snow day #2
First Snowman

First time building a snowman with Isabel and Ashton.

We also grabbed some friends to have their first snowball fight.  I helped in putting together 2 really awesome snow forts.  It was so cute to listen to the kids as they were building the forts.  The girls were setting up a house and wanted chairs. The boys were all about the bigger the wall the better!  The was laughing, it was so cute! 
By the time we finished the forts, the kids were too tired to throw snowballs.  

Ethan and Joe

Izzy, Ashton, and Devyn

~January 27, 2015~

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After having a relaxing Christmas at home.
We headed up north to Pennsylvania to explore another historical city.

North bound we went...Up through Maryland, Delaware, and then Pennsylvania.
We checked into the hotel early in the afternoon so the kids could have time to enjoy it:)  If you ask the kids what their favorite part of any vacation we take...they'll always say the hotel.
They got to swim and be lazy.  Fun times for all!

Down the road from where we were staying was this sign.
Now he has proof...

It gave us a laugh:)

The City of Brotherly Love

The Liberty Bell

A display if period artifacts had this miniature train set.
Ethan and I thought is was really cool.

Independence Hall

Where our founding fathers met and started our independence from England.
It was amazing to be in the very room where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both signed.

It wasn't too busy, but we still have to wait in a long line.


Still waiting...

It was really cold as well, the waiting was almost too much for some of us.
After waiting for almost an hour we got in.
Totally worth it in the end.

The steps where the Declaration of Independence was read.

Kevin and I steeling a kiss at our lunch break in DQ ...
all the love talk must had gotten to us;)

Driving through the City

Love Park
We didn't stop...this is a drive by picture.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
We parked and explored the area surrounding the museum.  The main reason we stopped here was for Cole to do the "Rocky Run" up the stairs.  This little stop was the most fun we had in the city.  We played tag in the parking lot behind the museum, explored the walking path long the Schuylkill River, sat in the "Tree House in the Sky", watched a semi truck get stuck under a bridge, and took pictures with the Rocky Statue.

Great stop...So fun!

Carlo's Bake Shop
Sweets were calling for us in New Jersey!

 This was a dream come true for Ethan.
He used to watch the show and wish he could have one of their cake creations.
One of their locations was just 30 minutes away from Philly...
How could we not go?

Cupcakes, eclairs, lobster tails, and a cake to take home.

So worth it...Yum!

~ January 2, 2015 ~