Friday, October 28, 2011

Family visit and Phoenix Zoo

At the end of September my parents and sister Sallie and her kids stopped by for a visit.  They were in the Kayenta/Monument Valley area visiting my Uncle and Aunt who are serving a mission there and thought they'd come down to visit us on their way back.  They were only here a couple days, but we had fun and it was great having Sallie's boys here to play!

While we were at the house the kids spent most the time in the back yard playing on the tramp, the swing set, or playing with the trucks.  When it was too hot to go outside, they were busy with trains, cars and just playing around with other toys and each other.  They all kept very busy.

While they were here we decided to take Sallie's kids to the zoo, it was their first time at a zoo and they loved it.  The Phoenix Zoo has a lot of fun things for little kids and we wore everyone out.

 Cole taking Matai and Tanoai to see the giraffes.

This was a cute moment where Tanoai was following Cole's every step. 

Sallie and Toa

Sallie and Matai

Toa absolutely loving the splash pad. 
He could have stayed there all day.  All the kids had fun there,
it is a great place to cool off while at the zoo.

 Matai and Tanoai

Grandma J and Baby Toa
 All the cousins.
We tried real hard to get everyone to look, but it was the end of the morning and we were tired and ready to go home.

This little guy is such a sweetie!

Halloween Celebrations!

We have been enjoying this month very much!  I really love Halloween and all that comes with it.
A few of weeks ago we had some very good friends of our join us for dinner and caramel apples!
 It was a ton of fun! 
Thanks Lindsey for taking pictures!  

I found some fun Halloween colored chips and  I've been having lots of fun thinking up what to have for dinner just so we could use them. 
One night we had taco soup! 
After dinner we made Halloween sugar cookies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isabel's Cheer/Tumble class...

Isabel has been in a cheer/tumble class for about a month now and she loves it!  She is always on the move, which is what she wants.  The teacher is so cute, she makes it so much fun for the girls.  Tuesday's are now her favorite day of the week mostly because of dance, but also we are finally able to go to story time at the library. We live really close to the rec center(which is where her class is) and the library, and now the weather has cooled off enough for us to take the bike trailer and Izzy and Ashton just love it!  Today we saw a road runner and a lot of dogs at the dog park which is right beside the fun!  

Isabel and one of her little friends.  It is such a fun little class.  There are only eight girls, they really get a lot of the teachers attention and the opportunity to do a lot of tumbling.  Which is very important to's her favorite part.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Foot to Foot

I was out getting Cole a new pair of soccer shoes this morning.  The salesman asked me what size he was.  I told him he is around 8 1/2.  Then he asked me if that is in men's.  WHAT?  Okay, so today I realized that Cole and I have almost the same sized feet.  I have huge feet, I wear a size 11 in women's and 9 in men's! (yes, sometimes I have to go there)  So when I got home I had to put our feet together and just see the difference....not much.  Another year or less and we will be the same size.
I would be okay with this if he was a teenager, but he is only 10!   

Not the best picture of me, but he sure looks cute!

Izzy had to get in on the action!