Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WWII Victory Capital Flyover

Arsenal of Democracy
On Friday planes from World War II were going to flyover DC and we did not want to miss the chance to see them.

It was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Europe (VE) Day.  The planes flew over the Capital to honor the heroes who fought in the War and those on the home front who produced the tanks, ships, and aircraft that enabled the United States and its Allies to achieve victory.
The flyover included dozens of World War II aircraft flying in 15 historically sequenced war-bird formations overhead. The formations represented the War’s major battles, from Pearl Harbor through the final air assault on Japan, and concluding with a missing man formation to “Taps.” Never before has such a collection of WWII aircraft been assembled at one location, to honor the large assemblage of veterans gathered at the WWII Memorial for a ceremony.

We were able to park near the Air Force Memorial and watch the planes in the distance.  It was hard for us to see them without binoculars, but it was still very cool to be apart of it.

~ May 8, 2015 ~

Wicked Waffles, White House, and More...

We went into DC to see the White House and hit the museums.
We rode the metro in and of course the kids all loved the ride.  We rode the silver line to Farragut West metro stop and ate an early lunch at Wicked Waffle.  It was so fun, I had my first Waffle chicken salad sandwich.  It was yummy!

Mom and Dad in front of the White House.

After the we saw the White House I got my parents into the Holocaust museum and then I met my sisters at the American History Museum.  It was a lot calmer then the last time I went. I was able the see the Flag that inspired our national anthem and the dresses of the First Ladies.  Our last stop was the Natural History Museum.  The best part there was watching my brave nieces and nephews let giant bugs crawl all over them. It was a really fun day.
~ May 5, 2015 ~

We split the group up.  Some of us headed over to the Air & Space museum in Chantilly and the rest of us went to Frying Pan Farm to see the baby animals.

After letting Toa and Ashton play at the farm we went for some yummy Rita's Italian Ice.

~ May 6, 2015 ~


We went to see the DC Temple and go to Georgetown for....
Georgetown Cupcakes!

All the cousins in front of the temple.
Such great memories!

~ May 7, 2015 ~

Old Town Alexandria

As the rest of the group went to see Mount Vernon, I stole this wonderful lady and we went to Old Town Alexandria. I have been wanting to go explore it and needed a buddy, so I grabbed my chance.  All but one of the historical sites were open, but we still had fun walking the streets and window shopping the cute shops.

We parked, got our bearings, and went to the visitor center.  There we learned that most sites were closed that day. However, while inside, Mom saw a painting on the wall she loved.  After inquiring, we found out that the artist had a shop a few blocks away.  We were on the hunt. First we stopped for some ice cream and headed to the water front to take in the view of the Potomac River and the boats.  We were tempted to take a water taxi to the National Harbor, but there wasn't enough time.  
That would have been fun:)

Next we found the artist and bought one of his paintings.
It was so much fun just walking around looking at all the old architecture.

Christ Church

George Washington attended church here and Robert E. Lee was confirmed here.  
So much history it was fun to go see it.

This was George Washington's family pew.

After we left we had some time to kill and went into Wayne Wood.  It was a neighborhood that we looked at in the dark back when my parents and I came to Virginia to look for homes.  It is right off George Washington Parkway.  It was fun to see it in the daylight. As great as the area was, it was too expensive and we are glad we found the house we did.

~ May 4, 2015 ~

DC National Memorials Walk-About

Okay, everyone, grab your H2O bottles and good shoes we are going on a memorial walk-about!

Our 4 car caravan headed for DC.  HA! HA!
I have to laugh, if you've spent anytime driving into and around DC you'll know a caravan is next to impossible.  The only thing more impossible was our goal of parking near one another.  However crazy our goal, we set off down Hwy 66.

We made it to DC, by a small miracle all together in our line of 4 vehicles.  It didn't last...
One word...AVON.
We got onto Constitution Ave and things were already looking like we had a flawed plan.  
Pink shirts were everywhere!

Our plan was to head to Ohio Dr SW, park, have a picnic, and walk the memorials.  I knew enough that we were not going be able to park right by each other, but I didn't see the Avon Run coming.  I should have known that something was going to be going on, there is always something going on.

Right away we lost Holly and almost didn't get her back.  She was sent off into the traffic and ended up driving all over the streets of  DC.  The rest of us, with some incredible luck found parking.  First, Kevin and Mama and Papa J's cars, were able to park along Ohio with some considerable distance apart.  Then Sallie and I found parking at the Potomac West Park parking lot, only after Sallie got out and stood in a parking spot to hold it until I was able to get to it.  Whew...Three cars down.
After talking Holly out of leaving the city and trying to navigate her to our direction, we were able to hold a parking spot for her near where my parents parked.  It was one intense experience!

We found a spot along the river to eat lunch and decompress after the stress, we walked over to a nice shady spot near the Tidal Basin with a perfect view of the Jefferson Memorial.
This was my 4th time doing the walk and my kids opted out of doing it a 3rd time.  They decided to hang back, relax on the blankets and throw some balls around.   Kevin was nice and stayed with them.

The rest of us got started...

Feeling the cool water at the Martin Luther King Memorial 

Aunt Jill and Nora in the big city

I took the twins with me while everyone else headed up to the Lincoln Memorial.  
I loved the one on one time...they are such great babies!
If you ever want to be a tourist attraction in DC,  get yourself some super cute twins.  As I sat holding them, some cute Asian ladies stopped to take pictures...so funny!

 We stopped to cool our feet at the WWII Memorial.

After the long walk we relaxed all together in the shade eating treats, 
taking in the views, and people watching.

We lost our foot ball in Tidal Basin...
Someone rescue it!

These sweet paddle-boaters were nice enough to go get it:)  It took a few tries, its not that easy.

~ May 3, 2015 ~

Shenandoah Caverns

It begins....The DC Jacobson Family Reunion!
The first week of May my family was able to come out for a visit.
It wasn't a complete reunion, we were missing Devin and Micah.

It was so great to see my sisters and their families! Two of which we hadn't even met yet...The twins.  Sallie's babies, Nora and Ezra, were the cutest little babies and we enjoyed finally getting to love on them!  It was fantastic getting all the cousins together. They are best friends and the kids were in heaven enjoying being around each other again. Day trips by day and epic sleepovers by night!  My family and I really appreciated the huge effort it was to get this crew to Virginia.

The Shenandoah Caverns were are maiden day trip and it was a great one to start off with!
Everyone enjoyed seeing the Virginia country side as we drove west along highway 81 and the Shenandoah Mountains.

When we arrived we were greeted by this giant Dino, which the kids loved climbing on. We ate our picnic lunch then walked through the most bizarre, and at times frightening puppet museum. 
Think "It's a Small World" on crack;) 
I wouldn't recommend it if you are afraid of clowns and "Chucky like" dolls. 

The Caverns were great! 
It's always fun to see what can be created by water seeping through the earth,

~ May 2, 2015 ~

Colvin Run Mill & Great falls Sunday Drive

We had Regional Conference that Sunday which we decided to skip and have some family time.  We took a Sunday drive out to Great Fall NP.  Kevin had not yet been there.
Of course it wouldn't be a Sunday drive for me unless there was some penny candy was involved.  That's what we did a lot when I was growing up. We'd go on a relaxing drive on the back roads with a little treat...such a fun tradition for me.  My kids love it too.

Penny Candy in mind, our favorite place is Colvin Run Mill.  We've been there only 4 times over the last year, but we are very memorable.  The lady that works there, always remembers us...I hope that is a good thing:)  The kids filled there little brown paper bag with a dollar worth of treats and we headed down the road to Great Falls.

The road we took is, Georgetown Pike.  
This is another one of my favorite roads out here in NOVA. 
 I will go out of my way just to drive down this thick tree lined, windy road.

Beautiful day for our walk about... 

The levels of the Potomac River floods from the past.  
I truly can't believe how high this river can flood.


Saw our first Copper Head snake taking in the warm sun along the Potomac Canal.
You don't want to surprise one of these guys!
Lucky Izzy saw it way before she could have stepped on it.  

~ April 26, 2015 ~