Friday, June 24, 2016

America Day 2016

Snoopy ice cream cones....Awesome!

~ June 5, 2016 ~

Japanese Recycle Center Field Trip

I wish America could recycle/reuse like the Japanese people do.
I also was able to witness the pride a Japanese worker at any level has.  When the manager was asked by one of the children if he made a lot of money. He politely said no, but in his broken English explained the pride he had in doing a good job and making a difference in his community.
A good lesson for the children.

It was like we were on an episode of How's it Made.  However, no pictures were aloud of the production line.  They didn't want to to give away any secrets.

 We stopped at the mall for lunch before heading back to school.
We all chose Pepper Lunch of course!

~ May 12, 2016 ~

Karumai Tulip Festival

Kevin had a day off and the kids were all in school so took time away with each other to go see some beautiful tulips.

It was a raining by the time we pulled into the parking lot, but we decided to eat our lunch and see if the rain would taper off. The rain did stop and we were glad that we waited and were able to enjoy the flowers.

~ May 6, 2016 ~

Aomori Aquarium Field Trip

Ethan's 5th Grade Field trip to the Amushi Aquarium

Ethan and his good friend Airic. He can read Japanese, which comes in handy when you can't;)

The first popcorn vending machine I've ever seen,
 and it was so cute with Hello Kitty.
The boy in our group really didn't want me to take his picture, 
but was kind enough to pose with his bag of popcorn.

This starts it's life as a fish, then plants itself in a rock or something for the rest of it.  They eat them here in Japan, but I'm told is't an acquired taste even for the Japanese.  They also told me if you like saki, you usually like this fish.

It was fun getting the mussels to squirt water at us.

~ April 27, 2016 ~

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival

Sunday afternoon drive to see a cherry blossom festival.

First time seeing frog barriers...
wish I could've gotten closer for a better picture.

Castle moved to repair the wall that is sits upon. 

Mount Iwaki at sunset.

~ April 24, 2016 ~