Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 Family Pictures - Spring

Spring time is such a great time of year! New beginnings and fresh starts.  
 We had these taken by my sister Holly in the church orchard near Santa Clara.  We couldn't be happier with how they turned out....Holly is so talented!

We are about to finish another chapter of our lives and move on to the next. Kevin is going to graduate in a few weeks and complete the dream that has been in the works for close to 8 years.  
I feel like we all need to go up on stage and receive our own diplomas!! 
The kids and I have definitely earned something!
I can't believe how we have grown these past 4 years here in Arizona.  
We have all grown both as a family and individually.

We are so excited to be moving to the Washington DC area.  We will be there for just one year and that is what prompted me to end this year long blog drought.  I decided a long time ago I'm not much of a blogger. However, we will be separated from our family this coming year with a whole country between us...Yikes! 
My  goal is to make one weekly blog report over this next year.
I am wanting to do this for two reasons: 
1) To let family and friends see what we do and see on the east coast. 
2) To record some of what we do so we don't forget this awesome experience!

How we looked 4 years ago...