Monday, September 28, 2009

FHS Homecoming Parade!

Last weekend Cole and his flag football team was in the Frederick High school's homecoming parade. It was fun for all of us. Ethan and Isabel were excited to watch and wait for their brother to come and throw them candy. Cole didn't disappoint. He showered us with goodies.
It was great.

Even Ashton thought it was exciting!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy 5th Birthday!
Ethan is now 5!
On September 17 he was born and he is such a special boy!
What can I say, I don't know what I would do without my "E"!

Lake Powell!

We were able to sneak away from school and work and head over to Utah to see my new baby nephew blessed. We also got to spend some time at Lake Powell! The trip was great! We had a lot of fun!
The is the Colorado River in the Back ground...near Moab. Beautiful drive, through Moab. If you ever head that way and have the time we suggest it!
Kevin and Ethan on the Sky Ski.
Cole and Maddie
All the kids trying to get Uncle Kev!

Isabel, such a fish and so brave, jumping off of everything!

However, the boys hold the bravery record for the trip. Cole, Bryce, and yes Ethan started jumping off the top of the house boat this year.

It was a really fun trip!

Cole Gets Baptised

Cole was baptised back in August. We had family come out and share the moment with us.

Thank to all who were able to come!

Cole turns 8!

I can not believe I have an eight year old now. Time can really fly!

It seems just like yesterday when he was so small and sweet!

Now look at him!

On his birthday we gave him what he wanted most...

a water fight! Nobody was off limits, not neighbors, babies, or mom's holding babies!

It was a blast!

Catch Up

Okay! Okay! So I know I've not been blogging! With four kids now I feel that there is always so much to do and so much going on I barely have enough time to sit and catch my breath let alone sit at the computer. However, today I find myself with a little extra time. So here are all the things I have missed.

First, back in July we went to Logan to visit Kevin's family. We had a lot of fun getting Aggie Ice Cream, swimming, going to parades, seeing the fireworks, to name a few of the things we did.

Cole loves to swim!

Ethan and Uncle Greg watching the fireworks in Salt Lake.

Ethan liked them even if they were a little loud.

Even on vacation, one of Izzy's favorite things to do is organize! I think this is so cute! When Izzy is around you better watch out, she will organize your shoes. I couldn't be prouder!