Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DC Family Picnic & Cherry Blossoms

It took about 2 hours to get into DC, that is over double the usual time.
The traffic was backed up all the way into Arlington.  
It was crawling speed from Arlington and across Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge until we got incredibly lucky to get a parking spot right when we hit Constitution Ave.

Enjoying a Subway picnic dinner and a
little game of catch near the Rainbow Pool. 

I wish we did this kind of thing more.  
I feel like this year we have run around seeing all the sites, 
and we need another year to just sit and enjoy them.

The Cherry blossoms were in full bloom 
and I think all of DC, VA, MD, and beyond were there to see them too.
It was spectacular Sunday afternoon. 

This shot gives you an idea of the amount of people that were there to enjoy the blossoms.

On our way back we enjoyed DC at night.

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

~ April 12, 2015 ~

Isabel's Baptism

I'm so proud of my sweet little girl.  She made a big choice to get baptized and confirmed.
It was beautiful day and she was so excited.

Isabel and Geral Smith.
The two sweet girls getting baptized on the same day.

We are so lucky to be in the Franklin Ward here in Virginia.  Bishop Mike Stevens is so nice and welcoming.  We have just loved getting to know his family...
Such great people and great examples to us! 

Manassas Battlefield Park
After we dropped Kami off at that airport we took Gordon and Teryl to Manassas Battlefield Park.  It was a first for Kevin as well.

Bull Run and the Old Stone Bridge in the spring.

~ April 11, 2015 ~

Washington DC with Family

Kevin's sister Kami and his parents came out to visit us.
We had lots of fun showing them the sites of the DC area.

The monuments and a Japanese performance.

We started with the Smithsonian Castle while we waited for the Tamagawa University Taiko Drumming and Dance Troupe to perform in front of the Freer Gallery.

The Castle looked so good with all the magnolia blossoms.

Taiko Drumming and Dance Troupe

This was a ton of fun to watch...They were amazing!
The performers had such energy and enthusiasm. The drums were so powerful, it would send vibrations throughout your body.  I wish we had time to stay for the entire hour long performance.

We were able to see the cherry blossoms the day just before they peeked.
It was a cold and cloudy day and not too many people...It was perfect!

View of Arlington House from the Jefferson Memorial


First, we did a session at the DC Temple.
Kami just recently went through for herself and I loved being able to attend the temple with her.  I love that this beautiful girl is in my life!

We stopped for lunch at Continental Pizza.  A friend of mine had recommended it to me. I had the chicken souvlaki on a pita and it was amazing!

National Cathedral
I just love coming here, it is really breathtaking! 

We stopped to see historic Georgetown before heading back home.
This is one awesome place.  I had only driven through once before, it was fun to stop and walk the streets a little.  We stopped in and loaded up on Sprinkles Cupcakes.  We got a variety to take home to everyone and had a Sprinkles cupcake taste test.
 I loved each one that I tried...yum!

We went home on George Washington Parkway and Georgetown Pike.  Two of my most favorite roads in the area...They make me happy!

~ April 9 & 10, 2015 ~

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter & Isabel turns 8!

Happy Birthday Isabel!

I know I always say my kids are growing up too fast...They really are!
This girl especially!

Our family is so lucky to have her as a part of it!
I really love her sweet spirit and her vitality!
She brings so much love into our home, and she loves to share it with anyone who will let her;)

Easter 2015

A Spring Surprise

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.
They seem to be growing everywhere in Virginia...Even along the highways!
Virginia, you are really making it hard for me to move!

~ April 5, 2015 ~

US Air Force Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery & Theodore Roosevelt Island

United States Air Force Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Theodore Roosevelt Island

~ April 4, 2015 ~