Sunday, May 22, 2011

Father and Son's Weekend

Kevin took the boys for the Father's and sons camp out on Friday.  The boys were so excited and after a long year of dental school, they really needed this time with their father.
I heard they had a great time.

Nobody mentioned this little guy!
I was probably better off not knowing.

This is a new thing for me not having grown up with any brothers.  I felt bad for Isabel when the boys all left and she couldn't understand why she couldn't go.  So I thought that I would make it fun for her at home so she wouldn't feel left out. 
We pitched a tent in our living room!  She thought this was a great idea, it really made it fun after the boys left.  

Next year will be even better!  I've got all my creative juices going for next years
" Mother and Daughter weekend"!

Baseball 2011

Baseball ended for us a few weeks ago.  It was strange starting back in March, but it gets hot around here pretty early so it makes sense.  It was fun to finally get the boys in an activity.  It was our first since moving here.  I think I took for granted how easy everything was back in Colorado and how much cheaper it was.  But I finally found something we could get the boys in.  It wasn't great, but at least it was something.  They both had fun and that's all that matters.  

Coach Pitch

T- Ball

Something Random...

I had to put this up. Izzy and Ash are such buds.  They love to spend time playing with each other while their older brothers are at school.  They play well most of the time.  I took this picture of them swinging together.  So cute!


We spent spring break in St. George.  I took off with the kids while Kevin stayed home to study.  This is the only picture I took.  This is my newest nephew Toa, my sister Sallie's baby.  Izzy wanted to hold him and I had to capture it.  He is such a little cutie!

Easter 2011

This Easter we had my sister Holly and her family come and visit, it was a lot of fun having them!  We used to live by each other in Colorado and would spend Easter together all the time.  It was so much fun getting the chance to do it again.

We went over to the Midwestern campus on Saturday for their Easter egg hunt.  It was a lot of fun.  They had it roped off in sections according to your age.  Cole, Maddie and Bryce had their section almost to themselves. They made out like bandits, filling their baskets to the brim.  However, it was short lived.  I guess there was some confusion about when they were suppose to start and there were some kids that didn't get any.  So they sat down and shared their bounty.  At first they were upset, but then when they saw how happy it made other kids I think they felt good about it.  Even after all the sharing they did, they all still had too much in my opinion.  I'm glad it happened, it was a really good lesson that they learned that day! 

Bryce, Cole and Maddie ready to get started.

Aunt Holly and Ashton taking a rest and having a treat.  If was a fun morning full of  jumping castles, face painting, crafts and more.

Ethan and Jayna showing off their goods.

Isabel was happy as you can see.

We went home after to decorate eggs.  Holly had a kits where you could dress you eggs up like dinosaurs, they turned out so cute and it was a hit with the kids.

Sunday we woke up to find the Easter bunny found us and the kids had fun trying to find their baskets full of yummy treats.  Later we went to church and then had yummy Easter feast!   

Ashton loved his Peeps.

It was a great weekend!

Isabel 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Isabel!

(Birthday pancake breakfast)

It has been the fastest four years of any of my children!  She seems to grow up way too fast and she seems so mature for her age.  She is all girl and I love it. 

 (Isabel and her cake)

 For her birthday she wanted a Barbie princess cake and I was happy to make it for her.  On her big day we had a quiet family party( my favorite kind truth be told). Later that week we had some of her friends over for her very first "friend" party.  

At first I had planned to have her party at a splash pad, but when the weather turned cooler I had to throw together a party at our house.  Now looking back I'm glad that we did, it was a really fun party.  We had a Tinker Fairy theme( because boys are tinker fairies too) and she loves Tinker Bell.  She got to dress up like Tinker bell, we made bird feeders, went on a "lost things" treasure hunt and played fairy games like fairy freeze tag. 

The decorations we made.  
Isabel helped me make Tinker Bell's house. 
It was a lot of fun!

Making the hanging bird feeders!
The lost things treasure hunt.