Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuffington Bear Field Trip

Stuffington Bear Factory
Izzy got to go on her last kindergarten field trip this week and I got to go with her!
They saved the best for last.  All the kids got to learn how stuffed animals were made and got to bring home their own bear.  Izzy thought this was the best Field trip of the year!
All the kids waiting to go inside.
Every time I get to go on one of Challenge Charter School's field trips I'm so amazed at how well behaved and polite the kids are!  Even in kindergarten, kids all raise their hands before speaking, listen and follow directions!
It makes it really fun to go help out:)
Izzy waiting to stuff her bear.

Bluey getting a brush.

Air baths are a must.

 Izzy and Bluey
There were a lot of names like: Fluffy, Beary, Browny...
this age is so fun!
Izzy with her school friends and their new bears.

It was so fun to spend the morning with my sweet little girl!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sonoran Gophersnake

Don't read on if you don't like snakes!!!

I was driving home tonight from my Relief Society meeting and came across this poor little guy in the road.  I'm sad because I actually really like snakes, crazy I know, but I do.  It was already dead, not that I could or would have done anything for it anyway.   I have never once seen a snake while living here, so I stopped to see what kind it was. I was curious to see what types of snakes are out there.  We live next to a wash which has a bike trail on both sides of it that we use all the time.

I came home and looked it up and I believe it was a Gopher Snake.  Super awesome snake to have around, so I'm sad that it was hit by a car.  It was huge, at least 4 feet long, and after doing the research I found out that they can get even bigger!  If your interested here is the information I found about them...

Sonoran Gopher snake - Pituophis catenifer affnis

Harmless, The Sonoran Gopher snake is a large snake that can be found everywhere in the Phoenix area, even in alleyways and backyards in urban areas. These are very commonly mistaken for rattlesnakes due to a very good impersonation, which includes flattening the head, loud hissing, striking, and even a rattling tail.

While they can become quite large and give a painful bite, they are otherwise completely harmless and great to have around.

The gopher snake shown above is one of the largest snakes in our range, reaching a length of as much as eight feet. These snakes are active during the day in cool weather and at night in warm weather. They are an asset in helping control rodents, since they consume a large number of them. When not hunting, they will hide under rocks or in animal burrows.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Zoo Date with Ashton

Last week I was able to go to the zoo with just Ashton!
I can't remember a time I've been to the zoo with just one kid.  Ashton got to pick every stop and got to see and do whatever he wanted without consulting the group.
It was a lot of fun!  I'm really enjoying this one on one time with him.  He is a great pal!

The baby orangutan was hiding under the palm frond.
We love to watch this little guy, he is always putting on a good show:)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No Training Wheels!

Ashton finally let us take the training wheels off.
He has had them lifted up and really not using them since January.  What got him to finally do it was, I put the tools in his hands and he took them off himself.  I think it made him feel powerful:)
We've been on a few family bike rides and it is a blast!

Isabel is 6!

The beginning of April my sweet little girl turned 6!
The party...
She wanted a My Little Pony party, it was so fun!