Sunday, September 20, 2015

Boy Turns 11 & Some Good Eats

Happy Birthday Ethan!
We got to celebrate this special boy's birthday this week. 
 He is such a delight and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

~ September 17, 2015 ~

Good eats
We took the family to the mall over the weekend.  We stopped for a late lunch and looked around the different stores before ending up at the Daiso. The Daiso is the Japanese 100 yen store.  100 yen is roughly a dollar.  So it's basically the dollar store, but way better than the ones in the U.S.  Like a cheep Container Store. 
The kids love to go shopping there and beg to go back all the time.

So far this is one of our most favorite places to eat... 

We order by pointing to the pictures and holding up fingers for the amount we want.
I really really want to learn how to speak Japanese.  It is driving me crazy that I can't communicate.

Pick up your order, the skillet plate is sizzling and meat is still raw.


So very yummy!

Dessert Kingdom!

Like Crepes?
These are just a few of their choices.  They make them fresh and hand it to you wrapped up like a waffle cone.  So very good!

This is the Japanese version of a glacier. 

We got a kick out of this KFC Hottie:)

The apples in Japan are amazing!
(as long as you don't buy them at the commissary, the produce there is terrible!)

Our first time to the local fruit stand.  Also known as the "Apple Lady".

It was a fantastic experience, and the produce is so very good.  We got a whole box of tasty apples, plus some extra goodies for 1,510 yen. It was my second time using my yen.  Kevin is a pro, I've been too nervous about the language barrier and looking like a fool.  The Apple Lady was so sweet to me, and we will definitely be going back.

~ September 19, 2015 ~

Friday, September 18, 2015

Misawa Air Show 2015

Kevin had to work the whole day.  His first shift at the hospital, in case there was an accident. The second, was to be on the ground at the show in case of an emergency.  While he was walking around we could join him.  By the afternoon, it had started to rain so we didn't last long.  Just long enough to see one plane perform and see the cool planes on display.

It was also very cool to see the Japanese people stop Kevin and his friend Jesse to have a picture taken with them.  Jesse is a dentist like Kevin. He and is wife moved here the same day we did.
Real airmen celebrities.
They were only upstaged by the airmen with really tough guns guarding the drone.

The drone

They were letting people inside the planes.
We totally would have loved to go in, but the lines were too long.

Here are a few videos I took.

~ September 13, 2015 ~

Tanesashi Beach

On Labor Day we took a drive to Hachinohe. 
It was our last day trip with the Gerhauser's and it was good one to end on! 
Their kids and ours were becoming fast friends. They had tons of fun climbing over all the rocks and trying to avoid Mom's watchful eye when the waves rolled in so they could get wet.

Such a beautiful spot, I'm sure we will be returning often.

I happened upon this sign when we were washing the sand of our feet.  I sure the 2011 tsunami was terrifying, I can't imagine what it was like to live through it.

This sign says it all, I guess?  We really wish we could read it.

Japanese style toilet.
The lessons from the cultural tour came in handy over the weekend.
My favorite is the Japanese version of the western style toilet.  Heated seats, sounds effects, fragrance, etc. It is quite the experience;)

~ September 7, 2015 ~

Church...Wheels...and Koi

Our new ward is the Misawa military ward.  
Everyone seems so nice and we have received a very warm welcome.

Our Building...
It has two floors, one elevator, and one bathroom that can only occupy one person at a time.  
There is usually a line between blocks.

Jill's hot "new" car...

2000 Honda Odyssey
It is a lot smaller then our old one.  Japan builds small cars.

Jill's GPS...We can not read it or program it, but it is better than nothing.  Yes, they do have Circle K's here in Japan, but you will not find Diet Coke inside.  There is Diet Coke only on base and it's not the best.  I guess my plan to cut back just got a little bit easier.

Kevin's styling wheels...

1993 Izuzu Big Horn

We bought both cars for $2,000 each.
Dentists and their wives drive styling cars here in Japan;)
Hey Mater, pass us the Rust-eze!

Hoshino Resort

 Feeding the koi fish

Ethan just had to try and touch one....boy did he get splashed!


~ September 6, 2015 ~