Friday, July 17, 2015

4th of July in our Nation's Capital

Our last day trip into Washington DC...
We get to end with a bang!

We had just one last thing to do on our DC bucket list, tour Ford's Theatre.  I really wanted to take the family into DC for the big parade and fireworks so we added one more to that days activities.
We were able to get the perfect parking spot right across from the Newseum.  We had our home base.  The day was going to be long and had a good chance of rain. We needed our car close to pack for every possible need or in case we needed to leave if anything got rain out.

We headed into town at 7:30 in the morning in order to secure tickets into Ford's Theatre. After getting the tickets we got to wait in another line for the tour.  This is when it started raining the first time.  We came prepared with our umbrellas, so no big deal.  It was really great to go into the the theater and have the ranger tell the story of how Lincoln was shot.

Ford's Theatre Tour

Peterson House

Our next stop was to tour the house where they took Lincoln after he was shot, and then later, had died. 

Independence Day Parade

The parade was so much fun!  Well most of us thought so,
some thought they should have thrown candy;)
We watched the parade right in front of the Natural History Museum.  There were tons of school bands and fun balloon floats.  The most interesting part was how many people from other countries totally covered in the red, white, blue and seemed so excited to be a part of the celebration.

National Gallery of Art

Loved going into the Gallery.  Isabel was the one that was really excited seeing the art, the boys not so much.  She specially liked the one of some sailors on a boat with a big shark in the water.

National Gallery Sculpture Garden Downpour

On our way to the Natural History Museum we got caught in a huge downpour.  After hiding out under the trees we decided to make a break for it.  We should have stayed in the Gallery, our shoes were flooded by the time we got to the museum and they stayed that way the rest of the day.

Capital 4th Fireworks

Truly the best way to celebrate our countries independence is to see fireworks in our Nation's Capital.  We able to pick out a little spot for us on the Mall.  We laid down our trash bags, blankets wouldn't work after the rain that was dumped that day, and waited for the show.

It was perfect! 
We had the Washington Monument to the left and the perfect opening through the trees to see a spectacular firework show.

~ July 4, 2015 ~

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Visit

Near the end of June we were blessed with a visit from Kevin's brother John and his sweet family.  It was great being able to see them!  While Kevin has been in the residency program here in DC we have not been able to travel to see family, which has been hard.  It's been so great that we have had some family that has been able to come out to see us this past year.

We were in the process of organizing a move and didn't have the time to go on day trips into DC and around the area with John and Brittany, but we loved spending the evenings with them.  They have the cutest kids!

I did take one day to meet up with them in DC.  They were going to Arlington National Cemetery and the Natural History Museum, so the three youngest kids and I hoped on the metro to meet up with them at their last stop.  Cole wasn't with us because he was on Trek getting soaked with rain.

National History Museum

Before meeting up, I took the kids to National History Museum.  The kids loved to see the Flag that inspired the national anthem and ride on the old time metro.

We all love to pick-nick in DC and it was the perfect day.
It was a little cloudy which kept it cooler.

Air and Space Museum 

We wanted to try and see the Air and Space Museum on the Mall.  The last time we tried in was so busy and the kids were so tired we only saw one area.  We thought we should give it another try...well at least we can say we saw it.  After going to the Air and Space in Chantilly, the one on the Mall just isn't as good.

Natural History Museum 

Finally we got to meet up with the cousins.
Being with cousins makes a museum way more fun!

Franklin Farm Family Walk

June 25 & 26, 2015