Friday, May 21, 2010


This years soccer, I have to say I was sad to see it end.  We had the last game yesterday.
It has been fun watching the boys.  

Cole really loves to play (once we get him there).  He loves to run down the field with the ball.  He is quite good, he averaged about 3 goals a game. 

Ethan is still in the tumble weed division and they don't play games yet.  However, he loved to get out there with his friend and his coach made it a lot of fun working on the fundamentals.

Isabel loved going and watching her brothers. 
I really think she enjoyed going to the park to play a little more.  It was cute to hear her cheer for them.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holly's Giveaway

My sister Holly is holding a Giveaway on her blog Treasured by Holly! She's giving away a gift certificate of $40 towards anything in her Etsy shop. You should definetely go and sign up to win! Even if you don't, please comment that I sent you to look since that will earn me points. Anything in her shop would be perfect for your little girls or as gifts for the ones you know ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In memory of one of our most beloved....


Yes I did write tree. We love our trees so when we lose one it makes us very sad. For years we water them, trim them, enjoy their beauty and bask in their shade. This tree was a type of cherry tree. For the last week it has been in full bloom. Well last night we were hit by YET another storm, this one dumped snow. Well our tree and all its flowers just couldn't take all the weight and it snapped, right down the middle. I HATE THE SNOW!!!

I know I'm being just a little bitter, but I am a desert girl and I just don't like to live in the snow.

Sorry, I'm mad and I needed to vent.


So while I'm on here I thought I would do some catch up. We have been very busy as of late with things that I cannot report about yet. So what I can report is we took a trip to St. George and Phoenix for spring break. It was fun to go somewhere new and the weather was beautiful!

The desert was in full bloom!

These Saguaro cacti are really cool! They were everywhere.
We couldn't keep the kids out of the pool...they had a blast!

Yes, an outdoor pool in March.
Isabel turned three in April, she is so fun! We just love having her in our family.
The kids have been loving the hammock in the back yard. I love to use it as well, it is a great time to sit and visit with the kids as we swing and relax.
Ashton never wants to get out. It's really cute.