Friday, July 8, 2016

Tohoku Six-Soul Festival & The Big Budbha

The Big Buddha Shrine

We loved exploring this Buddhist shrine.  We met up with our dear friends the Tolleys and enjoyed the beauty of the grounds and architecture.

Kevin looking good in his indoor slippers!  One side does not fit all;)

The pinwheels are placed in memorial to children that have passed on.

Hundreds of origami cranes strung together to make beautiful chains.

We ran into the Rex family... Hilary was showing us how to wash hands and rinse out mouths. A custom Japanese do before praying at their shrines.

Tohoku Six-Soul Festival

Six cities from six prefectures in the Tohoku region have gotten together to restore peace to the region and those who affected by March 2011 earth quake and Tsunami. Six local festivals have combined to make one large festival.  There were TONS of people and all that really happened was a parade.  The floats were super cool, we ended up too far away to really enjoy them.
Super fun day spent with some really great friends!

Free stuff being handed out by the bag full...The girls couldn't resist:)

Always can find yummy food on a stick and the kids loved the shaved ice too.

Loving Japan's decorated manholes!

The desserts here are our favorite!

(Cole was not with us. He was flying back from spending a week in Tokyo at FSY)

~ June 25, 2016 ~

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